Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Is How People Make Money

My experience is that for most investors, they really should only invest in what they themselves known a lot about. Anyone reading this knows a lot about something, whether its cars or fashion, or who knows what. Everybody reading this spends time reading magazines about something or watching TV shows about something. In their spare time they are doing something. That is where they should start because they already know more about those things than I do, or Wall Street does.

When you find things where you already have a passion and interest you are ahead of the rest of us and maybe you find some major change coming. You are going to see it before I am, or anybody else does and then start doing more homework about about the company or about the change and that is how you make money. You will buy long before I do, you will know when to sell it long before I will. That is how people make money.

Everybody wants a hot tip, everybody wants to jump into something but the way to make money is to stay with what you know. You don`t need many great ideas in order to be successful.